Sunday, October 18, 2009

BIG CHANGES in small ways

So I apologize to any who have missed me writing. I've been keeping myself busy and going to sleep earlier due to lack of energy... it's really killing my good writing time... but here's a new one!

Remember in my last post about how i wasn't basically, for lack of a better Carrie Underwood song, letting Jesus take the wheel? Well i finally let go... and it's been awesome. So much has seemed to change with very little actually changing.

Which brings me to my topic for the evening. BIG CHANGES in small ways.

A lot of times we want life to move in tidal waves but most of the time it seems that God works in waves so small you couldn't surf. There's a beach reference to all my Wrightsville Beach people... miss ya 910.

The problem is this world, in my opinion is "normal" to most people. And God works like that most of the time because if we all saw BIG HUGE THINGS then there wouldn't be a question of whether or not he exists. This life in many ways is about the trust we have in Him and the fact that he did exist and He did die on a cross and He did rise from the dead.

ALL OFF THOSE ARE HUGE THINGS!!! but still in our world today we don't see a risen Lord, we hear about him. We don't get to see the Red Sea just split in two, which would be awesome and probably bring more and more people to the belief that God does exist. Instead we get little things in life but in reality they are just as BIG as the most miraculous thing you can think of. If you come from the stance to we are all helpless without Christ, continually doing all things for basically nothing, if we do them without a Godly purpose, then to have something happen, say a job interview, or a marrage, or any number of "blessings" in the world... they are MIRACULOUS!!! We don't deserve nor do we have the power to make these good things happen. We have to rely on the power of Christ for the miracles in our life.

Now people ask, well He's not here, how do i trust something that isn't going to materialize and say OK... here's how this works. Well the problem is we like to think in the physical or possibly even in the material. But the fact is that God, Christ, and even the Holy Spirit, though it dwells within all true believers, God doesn't exist materially. He exists in a state that we don't necessarily understand. AND even if he did exist materially, say in the form of the Human Jesus Christ, we end up putting him on a cross. So well, material didn't work either.

The fact is no matter how we "experience" God we are required to trust that:
1) He is Lord of our lives, sovereign in all things, *and in Him all things hold together -Colossi ans 1:17
2) That we are to trust him with all our heart -Proverbs 3:5
3) That all things work together for those who are called according to His purpose -Rom 8:28

So in a is the main component to a personal relationship with Christ. Turn over all things to Him because they are His to begin with, and with his power things can be amazing.

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  1. please keep writing!!! i so needed to read this today....

  2. Well sat across from me in our "pod" all that time and I had no idea! Greag blogg...and you're right..."we get little things in life but in reality they are just as BIG as the most miraculous thing you can think of" Everyone should be thankful for each "little" thing that is provided us daily, by God.