Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things to think about...

So i met with Craig Childs for lunch today. We met at AppleBees and just talked about life. I have to admit that Craig over the last year has become as much of a friend as a pastor to me. The great thing is that the same excited pastor that gets up on Sunday morning cares about the members of the church every other day of the week as well. We get together every now and then just to talk about things and I always walk away somehow influenced or inspired in someway when i leave.

Today was no different. We talked about the fact that lately i've been learning my defensive mechanism to deal with my own sin is to not deal with it at all. "out of sight out of mind" works all too well for me. I put things off until i end up getting hurt/hurting somebody else and being smacked in the face with it end up having to deal with whatever i have been avoiding eventually.

He asked me a question that was all too hard to answer on the spot and i think i am going to think a lot about and it stemmed from the fact that a year ago i was in a very bad place. I was living by myself, apart from fellowship with fellow believers and i was living in a world that i could just avoid that sin to where i am today that i LIVE with and around believers all the time and am constantly growing due to that fellowship. The past year has been an amazing transition for me. I've met a lot of different, influential people in my life and seem to have lost touch with some people that i think were not always bad but not always good for me either. I also think that finding a new church home that i love and enjoy has made a huge difference in my life. It all started at the Hyder wedding. I remember enjoying seeing everybody i had missed towards the end of my college experience and lost touch with. They were all there. And the great thing was we weren't associated with a group or a set of people. We were just friends... some good, some acquaintances and all fun. The difference i saw was just being together with them was causing joy, happiness, fun! Things i had missed out a lot on the months before that. I decided there that i was going to dive head first into fellowship again. Here we are a year later and i'm so thankful that the lord brought me to that wedding and broke me and my hard heart to understand that i was missing something and i wouldn't trade where i am right now for any part of the life i was leading before.

BACK TO THE QUESTION... lol.. that was a tangent obviously but still important.

The question was... where do i want my life to be in a year? Have you ever thought about that. And if so did you have a hard time coming up with the answer. I said general stuff like i hoped i'd be dating somebody, and growing in my faith and yadda yadda yadda but i really hadn't started thinking about what i hoped the Lord would work in my life in the next 12 months. Big things are going to happen. Things are going to change and in big ways i'm sure. I'm excited to see where they go and i'm going to be doing some more thinking about what i'd like to see.

Also i got to work out today with Leslie which was awesome cause she's a trip and i just really enjoy hanging out with her. I'm so glad that we have been able to hang out more and more lately. She makes me laugh which has been a blessing in a time of some hardships. I know any time i hang out with Leslie that we are going to have a good time and though it might be extremely akward at times we enjoy those moments too. We must cause they keep happening... lol :D

- Total Weight Loss = 12.4 lbs
- Willingness to face sin


  1. oh bella! i love our awkward moments!!!!!

  2. Hi Chris, congratulations on the two positive things to note. Both can be hard, one harder than the other. :)

    And, yes, I do think about the near and distant future. Your perspective changes as you get a family. One reason I stopped playing CoH. I don't regret the time playing, cause I made a couple of friends, but it was time that I could have had used with the family.

    I am a forward looking person (I don't dwell on the past), if I find that I was doing something that I might regret (lots of time on the computer), I look forward and ask myself what can I do to change now (the big word) and I do it (or at least try).

    I am noticing that I have a strange way of writing (did you notice?). I wonder if I talk that way. I was getting to serious.


  3. This is awesome!! I look forward to reading more.